Company Macmerise
Work Social Media Optimization


Macmerise believes in giving the gadgets a cool makeover. They envision mobile cases evolving into“fashion accessories and treat them as such. Covers and cases represent their style and mood on any given day.

Macmerise sticks to their basics in making designs exclusive and unique. The company takes pride in addressing themselves as a “lifestyle brand”, and stays true to their tagline, “Doing the same differently.”


  • No engaging content on social media pages.
  • Sales were a major issue as they were not up to the mark.
  • The brand didn’t have a room to explore further as they were limited to just the idea of selling mobile cases.
  • The sales target to be achieved was a ratio of 1:4 on digital ad spends.
  • The client also wanted to promote their tie-up and sub-brands under Macmerise.


  • We started with flooding social media pages of Macmerise with superhero content.
  • We established focus on superhero content and products, making it the brand’s niche and making use of the DC and Marvel hype.
  • At the same time, so as to not make the page boring for other users, we also started focusing on fashion and began pushing fashion & style centric products and creatives.
  • ISL: We started with pushing ISL products and creative on Social Media, as Macmerise was the official partner of Chennaiyan FC, Delhi Dynamos and Atletico de Kolkata. We strategized on targeting and advertising through their Facebook pages which turned out to be a hit.
  • RCB: With Royal Challengers Bangalore, we created a buzz around the RCB on Twitter and Facebook which ensured that sales figures hit high levels. Using this strategy, we not only met but exceeded our targets.


  • The idea & communication helped to fetch us 6,000+ reach constantly and at least 100+ reactions per post.
  • The digital medium helped us reach the right target audience, which attracted more sales & success.
  • The number of impression was over 24 lacs.
  • This campaign helped us gain a long term relation with the client.
  • We touched 95K sales mark a day, maintaining a 60K mark. A ratio of 1:4 – 1:7 is maintained throughout, with our highest being 1:20.
  • The growth was exceptional. We sold cases and merchandise worth 1.4 crores and roughly 28,000 cases.