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Mayfair Housing is one of the most well-known real estate brands in Mumbai. Established in 1964, the brand has a 52 year old legacy. The brand prides itself in its connection with the audiences and having an authentic and community-friendly aura. The digital profiling of the brand was taken over by Insomniacs entirely. The website, social media handles and presence on other digital portals was created. Every project launched by the brand was given priority on every social media portal.


Mayfair Housing is known for being a print heavy brand. Print advertising was their major communication tool with their audiences. Insomniacs made sure the same communication and prestige was transferred and enhanced to digital media.

The “Save Poisar River” Campaign

Mayfair Housing launched a project called Mayfair Greens, which was located close to the river Poisar. According to The Environmental Policy and Research India (EPRI), Poisar River is polluted 100 times over the safety limit which deems it unsafe to any life that resides in and around it. This made the area around the river, including the location of Mayfair Greens an unpleasant environment for home buyers. People were apprehensive about purchasing homes at Mayfair Greens. Insomniacs launched a campaign called “Save Poisar River” in order to change this perception about the location, improve the situation with the river, and create further brand awareness for Mayfair Housing. The campaign fit well with Mayfair’s ethos of nurturing the interest of the communities.


  • Letters were written to the CM and other BMC authorities.
  • A microsite was created and launched.
  • A CSR activity on was launched.
  • Social media buzz for the campaign was initiated, engaging audiences from all over the city.


  • The strategy was to exploit Google and Facebook to gather leads and aim for conversions on site.
  • The content around the campaign was created in line with the essence of the project.


  • Awareness of the “Save Poisar River” campaign was reached over 40,000 people on social media alone.
  • Government authorities, along with volunteers from Mayfair Housing conducted manual clean-ups of the river.
  • Residents of the area and other parts of the city were made aware of the plight of Poisar, as well as Mayfair Greens.