Company MCHI
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Started up in 1982, The Maharashtra Chamber of Housing Industry (MCHI-CREDAI) is the most relevant and recognized body in Mumbai for real estate developers. The brand has been acknowledged by both the Central Government and the Government of Maharashtra, aiding both organizations in completing their objectives of providing the basic necessity of housing. MCHI governs over the largest property exhibition in the nation which takes place in Mumbai where 200+ developers and building planners showcase their products.


MCHI had a low presence over social networking platforms like Facebook, Twitter, etc., thereby limiting their reach based on the physical presence and the website.

MCHI had their own website that been designed from their end. Nonetheless, they weren’t able to garner enough visits on their website from the audience as compared to other real estate firms.

Owing to the lack of an analytics setup, MCHI could not compile precise details of their website, i.e. number of visits on a regular schedule, thereby coming up with inaccurate reports.

Due to the brand’s unavailability over social networking platforms, there weren’t many registrations from the target customers as MCHI had anticipated for lacking in terms of lead generations.

The company lacked digital assets through social media platforms like Hashtags, social media campaigns, etc.


We came up with a strategy to improve their presence over digital platforms along with a plan to generate good content for their brand.

To showcase the many offers at the MCHI – CREDAI Property Show, we came up with a set of GIFs to highlight them in a quirky way.

To boost the relevance of the event over social media, we started tweeting live and came up with various posts over social networking platforms. With a footfall of over 15,000 visitors at the event, we created an undying buzz in the real estate industry.


  • Our strategies along with the digital and content plan made a significant difference to their marketing strategy.
  • Live tweets and posts were done on the day of the event, making the reach of the event rise by 267%.
  • Our efforts lead to a footfall of over 15,000+ people, thereby creating an undying buzz in the real estate industry.