Mukta Cinema

Company Mukta Cinema
Work Website Design and Development


Founded by Mr. Subhash Ghai, Mukta Arts Limited is one of India’s leading production houses with widely prevalent business interests across the entertainment industry that range from Education to Exhibition. The company has a library of over 35 blockbuster movies and has a globally recognized brand dedicated to quality and entertainment.


Though the brand had been dominant in the entertainment industry, they had no presence over social networking platforms like Facebook, Twitter, etc., thereby limiting their reach to merely a geographic basis.

After the development of the website for Mukta Cinemas was completed, the brand still wasn’t able to rope in customers to purchase movie tickets from the website, even though they had tied up with portals like BookMyShow.

With not much of a digital presence, there was no social media engagement whatsoever between the brand and the customers, causing them to lose out on their business relationship.


In order to give the brand an identity and personality of its own, we came up with a character called MAXMAN in order to generate a recall value with the audience.

We came up with a strategy to generate engaging content for the audience, in turn extending Mukta Cinemas’ reach for their brand building process.

We kept the brand’s social networking pages up to date with all the latest news and trends from the cinema world.

We came up with a strategy to give out free vouchers and coupons to boost awareness about Mukta Cinemas and engage with the audience over diverse social platforms.

Taking inspiration from our page, PVR integrated the design elements from Mukta Cinema’s website and added it to their own.

We came up with the concept of Filmitionary, a creative communication strategy that promoted upcoming movies through a minimalistic graphical representation.


  • We created a character called MAXMAN who would reinforce the brand’s identity while creating a recall value with the audience.
  • Our content strategy helped engage with the audience, thereby creating a greater reach for the brand building process.
  • We updated the latest news from the world of cinema.
  • Free coupons and vouchers for brand awareness and drive engagement were distributed on various digital platforms.