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National Real Estate Development Council (NAREDCO) was established in 1998 as the apex national body specifically for the real estate industry where the Government, industry and the public would discuss the various problems and opportunities face to face, thereby resolving such issues in no time. They strive to be the collective force that influences and shapes the real estate industry within the nation.


NAREDCO wanted to organize a conference where foreign and national investors would gather in one spot to discuss the recent events taking place in the real estate industry. They would also be encouraged to put in their investments within the sector.

NAREDCO wanted to spread awareness about their upcoming event in order to rope in better investors for the conference. However, they had a very minimal presence over social networking platforms like Facebook and Twitter.


We started off by creating a Facebook page for NAREDCO in order to keep them socially relevant.

We came up with creatives that promoted the countdown to the day of the event, thereby boosting engagement with the audience. We also came out with advertisements throughout digital platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn that made the awareness of the event open to the public.

In order to garner more interest for the event, we started promoting the most recognized players in the real estate industry who would also be acting as speakers for the event.

We created an event on Facebook under the same name in order to spread awareness about the event through the digital platform.