Peninsula Height

Company Peninsula Land
Work Social Media Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, Social Media Marketing


Peninsula Land Limited, a part of the Ashok Piramal Group, is a company that commits itself to creating international landmarks that redefine India’s skyline. The brand is among the first real estate companies to be listed on the stock exchange. Their projects include landmark residential complexes, world-class commercial projects and retail ventures. A few of their landmark projects in Mumbai include Ashok Towers, Ashok Gardens, Peninsula Corporate Park and Peninsula Business Park.


Even though the brand has been present in the industry for over 2 decades, they maintained a minimal amount of presence over social networking platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

The brand was in need of a set of digital assets which would have enabled them to advertise about their projects over digital media.

There were a high number of junk leads that the brand encountered as they advertised about their projects, proven further as they could not secure a single site visit for their project based in Bangalore, i.e. Peninsula Heights.

Based on the reports that we received from the brand, the other agencies that had taken over the digital responsibilities for Peninsula Land were unable to find qualified leads for their projects.

In their endeavour to find quality leads, the brand incurred a high cost that lead to very minimal results in their favour.


After a proper analysis and study in order to understand what the brand needed to generate results, we came up with the following strategies to aid them in their success.

  • We generated content in the form of creatives and videos that delivered the brand message across all social networking platforms, thereby enhancing their digital presence.
  • We activated advertisements over various advertising platforms in order to secure improved leads for the brand’s projects.
  • In order to reach out to the right audience, we used focused interest and location-based targeting for our advertisement settings.


The cost per lead came down by about 50%, thereby saving costs for the brand in an efficient manner.

The ratio of finding junk leads in our lead generation campaign came down by a significant margin, which turned out to be an improved result as compared to times before.

The ratio of customers who would visit the site of the projects had also been raised by a considerable amount, i.e. out of every 10 leads that we acquired, at least one of them would venture for a site visit.

Thanks to the improved standard of content that we generated for the brand’s social media platforms, Peninsula Land’s digital performance improved by a great margin.