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About the Brand

Ravi Rao is a well-known name in the field of Vaastu Shastra, the science of constructing buildings in harmony with nature. Mr. Ravi Rao’s reputation precedes him in the corporate field as well as among various industries.


Besides Mr. Ravi Rao having established himself as an expert on Vaastu Shastra, there was no brand identity that was built up. That challenge itself was crucial as Mr. Ravi Rao wanted to be the identity of the brand itself for which other experts that tied up with his business would lead the brand under his name.

Throughout his professional career, Mr. Ravi Rao had acquired clients for business by way of references or word of mouth. Hence, he wanted to expand his reach to future clients.

Since Mr. Ravi Rao traveled frequently on account of business, he needed a platform that would help him connect to people who required his Vaastu Shastra expertise. That very platform was also required to provide basic information regarding the services he provided.


We created a logo for the brand Ravi Rao and its business, using typography and the Golden Ratio along with the right shades of Red and Blue to denote Ravi Rao’s message to his customers that would stand to represent his brand.

The logo unit was designed in compliance to his Vaastu Shastra teachings that would provide a welcoming feeling to his clients.

We redesigned and recreated the website that aimed to help Mr. Ravi Rao acquired more clients. The website stood as a platform that helped keep his clients aware of his travel schedule while providing information related to the services that he provided.