Company Renaissance
Work Social Media Marketing, Lead Generation


Renaissance, an Industrial Smart City, provides industrial land for sale along with planned infrastructure, contributing to the growth of the economy. Billed to be the first integrated industrial area with 100% marketable title along with the advantage of both Private and MIDC approvals. The project is spread across proposed 422 acres with 269 acres already RERA approved, with a 7 layer Smart City model with a unique combination of Industrial infrastructure and Common Facilities Center (CFC).


Since Renaissance didn’t have a proper social media presence, we took up to us the challenge and accomplished it across all the social media platforms. Positioning it to be amidst the top industrial smart cities.

We came up with campaigns that gathered site visits that were not previously encountered by them through social media platforms. They were working less on boosting the level for conversions and in repositioning it.

Renaissance also needed a lead generation campaign to bring about a considerable amount of leads and conversions.


We gathered a considerable amount of information on the project and displayed it through all social media platforms. Campaigns were derived to increase the lead generation across social media platforms.

Corrective steps were taken by focusing more on their products and increasing their digital presence.

Their youtube channel was activated with explanatory videos. On ground events that were done were as well covered by us across all social media platforms and on youtube channels.


Thanks to the right strategy their Cost Per Lead(CPL) was reduced to nearly 50% of the amount they were previously paying.

With multiple campaigns and the straight forward communication that was generated on social media platforms, more enquiries started to plunge in through them.