Shivalik Ventures

Company Shivalik Ventures
Work Social Media, Lead Generation


Shivalik Ventures, in its original structure as a real estate company, was started by Mr. Ramakant Jadhav and Mr. Prakash Ajgaonkar, its core business being the development of slum land at Golibar since 2002. Recently, the brand announced the launch of their latest project, Gulmohar Avenue, that was located in the heart of Bandra.


Though Shivalik Ventures were prevalent in the real estate sector, they were not able to maintain a prominent presence on social networking platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Though the brand received a constant flow of leads, they were not at the quality standard that the brand expected.

Though the launch of their project Gulmohar Avenue was well on schedule, their were unable to get the site visits that they required.

For every lead that was acquired by Shivalik Ventures, the brand incurred a high cost per lead.

The ratio from lead generation to the booking of a new home was not at optimum levels, leading to losses for the brand.


We took over the digital responsibilities for Shivalik Ventures, thereby activating their presence over social networking platforms with posts that were uploaded on a daily basis.

We launch hoardings across the city of Mumbai, advertising about the launch of their project Gulmohar Avenue along with other offline activities.

In order to help the brand get the bookings they required, we activated lead generation campaigns across platforms like Google and Facebook.

As a part of our initiative to spread awareness about Shivalik Ventures and the offerings they had, we shifted our focus towards remarketing for the brand.

Ahead of Gulmohar Avenue's launch, we activated their broker's channel where regular updates related to Bandra North were broadcasted.


As a result of our efforts, we were able to help Shivalik Ventures secure 5 bookings for their project Gulmohar Avenue.

We were able to bring the cost per lead for the brand down by 50%.

Shivalik Ventures witness an increase by 60% in the number of site visits they received for Gulmohar Avenue.