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Suyojit is a leading real estate company that has been at the forefront of property development in Nashik since their start-up in April of 1994. Their ongoing and upcoming projects include mega townships and malls along with commercial, industrial and residential complexes across the city, setting benchmarks for the real estate and construction industry in Nashik.


Suyojit has a township called Viridian Vallis that was going to change the very skyline of Nashik. Hence, they wanted to spread awareness about the project so that they could rope in people to be a part of their township.

Suyojit had set up a website set up that consisted of a very basic design, hence lacking on the attractive appeal to generate interest in the minds of potential customers.

Suyojit had a page set up on Facebook but barely had any activities going on to engage with their followers. They were also lacking with their presence over other social networking platforms like Twitter.


We took Viridian Vallis and highlighted it in the communication strategy, promoting it as much as we could to generate sales for the township once the development was completed.

We came out with a set of campaigns for both their corporate and sales aspects which had their own respective set of creatives that went online over Facebook and Twitter.

We created a set of digital assets for Suyojit, including hashtags like #LimitedPeriodOffer, where we promoted offers for Viridian Vallis. Other hashtags included #FliptheCoin, #CrackerFreeDiwali, #SelfiewithBappa, etc.

With all the work that we put out for Suyojit over social networking platforms, we were able to generate a sufficient amount of likes, thanks to the engagements with the customers.