The Gene Box

Company The Gene Box
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The Gene Box is a one-in-a-kind product that offers solutions to fitness and nutrition problems through the determination of an individual’s genetic make-up by way of hassle-free DNA spit tests. Through the analysis by the Gene Box, one can be guided to eating the right food, maximizing exercise time and achieving desired health goals.


Because the Gene Box was a unique product that shared no similarities with other products, it was hard to sell the product to its target customers.

The brand wasn’t able to reach out to most of its target audience as the populace were unaware of the basic understanding of genetics and how the product worked.

With practically nothing to go on besides the product itself, the Gene box faced the difficulty of building the brand up.

The Gene Box had no profile over social networking platforms like Facebook and Twitter, limiting its reach across digital media.


We came up with a set of creatives that introduced the concept of genes to educate the target audience, generating awareness about how the product would change their lives.

We created subsidiary pages on social networking platforms like Facebook and Twitter, one such page being Obesity in Children so that the Gene Box to spread their reach to other target demographics and rope in new audiences.

The subsidiary pages would be updated on a regular basis, providing detailed information about health and fitness related issues along with promoting the Gene Box.

We came up with a set of Hashtags and visual content as digital assets for the brand to give it an identity of its own.

With all the campaigns that we ran, we were able to generate a sufficient amount of Likes on both the Facebook and Twitter pages of the brand.