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About the Brand

Whistling Woods International is one of the leading film and media institutes in the country. Founded by Subhash Ghai, it is an internationally acclaimed establishment with faculty that harbours the best names in the industry and equips students with the latest technology.


The social media pages of the institute had very simplistic design & communication approach There was no limelight for the other schools at WWI apart from Film making. Many events happening at the institute were overlooked on social media.


Our strategy with WWI was to highlight all the schools at the institute, not just School of Film making. This was done by highlighting alumni achievements from each school and making sure the student and faculty engagement during workshops, etc was brought into light.

Making sure every event is covered live was another priority as many school events went unnoticed. Every exciting event at the school was henceforth covered live on all social media platforms.

We also utilized blog content to highlight the immersive and exclusive 5th Veda sessions that took place at the institute.

#JoinTheDrama was one of our successful campaigns for Celebrate Cinema, the annual film festival that takes place at the school. It represented the grandeur of the festival that is like no other in the country.

#TheOnlyPlace is an ongoing campaign that brings to light all schools of WWI and communicates how it’s the only place where passion can be cultivated.


As a result of our campaigns, we highlighted the other schools of WWI. This changed the perception of the school being only a filmmaking institute, and lead to increased enquiries and enrollments for the other schools of WWI.

  • 5000+ registrations for Celebrate Cinema 2017 event
  • Our live coverage of the school’s events lead to increased awareness and attendance.
  • Enrollments for all schools in WWI increased