Do you believe that CRM is rocket science? Suit up, for you’ll be taken to the new galaxy of ‘Approach One’, the ultimate destination for hassle-free customer relationship management! A comprehensive solution for real estate professionals, Approach One offers an array of modules and services that help you target the right customer, effortlessly.

What’s Approach One’s USP? It’s a piece of cake to use! Anyone, from a beginner to a sales expert, can harness the uncluttered and organized platform, which can adapt to the challenges tossed by any realty firm. You can manage your leads, campaigns, inventory and sales via a single integrated solution, enabling you the access to any crucial information instantly. Besides, Cloud Telephony and Big data management will make sure that you never miss out on any call and insight that the market has to offer!

Tap into the dynamic diaspora of potential homebuyers through email and SMS automation, and run and manage campaigns efficiently. From lead capture to lead conversion, Approach One will be the co-pilot of your lead management journey!

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