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Are you happy with your current conversion rates? If not really, you have arrived at the right place. All your marketing efforts should bring you a high level of positive results, value for money and satisfaction. Remember, you are wasting your time and resources if you aren’t getting any of these three things. You need a performance marketing company in Bangalore that can help you with all sorts of marketing services, especially performance marketing assistance.

What kind of performance marketing agency in Bangalore are you looking for? Insomniacs can help you with anything and everything you expect.

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Ideation and Creation

Based on what you wish to achieve from your performance marketing campaigns, we work with you to ideate and create ads that will work wonders. Right from selecting the best-suited channels for your performance ads to crafting the right copies and visuals to building a story to be communicated through these ads, we do it all.

Landing Page Design

Every performance marketing ad needs to have a related landing page that will let your audiences do what you wish them to do. We create those landing pages to complete the motive of your ads. Also, we only create SEO-friendly pages with excellent responsive website design so that they can work perfectly across all devices.

Keyword Bidding

Our keyword game has always been strong, and that’s what makes us the best performance marketing company in Bangalore and beyond. We pick only the most effective keywords as the backbone of all your ads. Using the best keyword tools and our several years of expertise, we source and shortlist keywords that will bring profits to you in terms of clicks and leads.

Advertising Campaign Management

Once we identify the right platforms, create a click-baity ad copy and have keywords in place, we kick-start our action plan aka run ads and wait for results. We’ll keep a watchful eye on your ad campaigns across all channels by monitoring what gets the most click-throughs and conversions for your business. And we won’t do this alone; we’ll always keep you by our side to see the results in real-time.

Track Analytics

When we say we’ll keep you by our side, we mean we will induce in-depth reports with all the essential numbers and share the same with you to track the success of your campaigns. Based on the very reports, we will decide the direction of our next ad campaign.

Remarketing Campaigns

Our superheroes ensure that your audiences see your brand’s name EVERYWHERE! Once they see your ads on Google, they will see them on various websites, social media channels and even mobile applications. With strategic retargeted ad campaigns, we will make this all happen, promise! Take back the control of your performance marketing campaigns and reach your real goals by partnering with an outstanding performance marketing company in Bangalore, like Insomniacs. We take over the ownership of campaigns and ensure they’re optimized for conversions, to generate value-adding traffic and make your investment a worthy one.

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