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How do you generally market your business? Pay a huge amount to the advertisers and marketers so that they can function and make your brand known to the world, right? But what if you don’t get even one lead after going crazy on your marketing tactics? Total waste, isn’t it? So why not invest in something worthwhile that will bring value for every rupee you spend?

Yes, such a marketing method exists, and it’s called performance marketing (also known as PPC in layman terms, but we call it PPA - pay-per-action).

This excellent marketing method allows you to pay only for the quality leads you get (and for the efforts of making a stunning ad, of course). At Insomniacs, a reputed performance marketing company in India, we understand that reaching new audiences through organic search (SEO and social media efforts) can be time-consuming and competitive. But our performance marketing tactics allow brands and advertisers to show ads to their target audience almost immediately. That’s exactly the kind of fast-paced our marketing should be in today’s competitive world!

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Insomniacs can be your helping hand of experts to plan, strategise, design, create, run and provide all performance marketing services in India and complete pay-per-action campaigns. Here’s what we have for you:

PPC and Google Ads

We don’t just focus on good SEO practices that help you rank higher on SERPs. We put our best shot in crafting ideal ads that capture the attention of searchers on Google and other search engines. Our action team is renowned for all the cost-effective and successful campaigns they run for business all over the country. The ads we create using the right keywords and copies navigate their ways up to the top where people notice them the most.

Social Media Ads

There’s too much chaos on social media platforms. But our well-curated paid social media ads cut through the noise and target just-the-right people who might be looking for your brand, service or products. Whether your goal is to generate leads, make a statement or just announce something, we will help you create ad campaigns for Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and other channels to work wonders for you.

Email Marketing

Promotional emails with/without target ads still have a lot of spice, and the trend will continue for a few more years. We are pros at creating killer email marketing campaigns that keep your existing connections glued to your brand and help you acquire new ones.

Dynamic Remarketing Ads

We leave no opportunity to expose a brand to the right target market several times to tap them and get leads. That’s why we take pride in running highly efficient remarketing ads on countless channels until your exclusive target audience registers your brand’s name thoroughly in their minds. In case they don’t make an immediate purchase, we make it a point to make you the first choice for them whenever they look for a similar business.

Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO)

We help in maximizing revenue by minimizing distractions when it comes to running PPA ads. We help clients generate more revenue through their websites, by optimizing the layout, menus and navigation to make conversions easier. And not to forget, the by-products of this strategy include enhanced SEO results and better user experience.

So which direction do you wish to start walking in with a trusted performance marketing company in India like us? Talk to us to get your performance marketing started.