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Search engines have changed and evolved tremendously in the last few years. Although our ski8lls and services have adapted and evolved accordingly, we feel SEO tricks alone aren’t enough to bring you the success you may aim for online. You need a lot more than that, something that is more focused and targeted. And when talking about target marketing ideas, performance marketing tops the list. You can utilise performance marketing as a channel in a silo, or as part of a cross-channel campaign; either way, your customers will still follow up with a search once made aware of your product in another channel. But remember, if you’re not there, your competitors will be. A performance marketing company in Mumbai will provide any and every service - right from crafting sensible and successful ads to running them on all the practical platforms to even running analysis and making reports post the ads are run.

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When looking for a credible performance marketing company in Mumbai, work only with the masters. & Insomniacs are “masters”! Our Sleepless Rangers know everything it takes to break through the basic expectations and results of PPC, PPA, display, social media, email and other types of ads.

Here’s everything we can take care for you:

  • Audience analysis
  • Keyword sourcing
  • Strategising the roadmap
  • Content writing and copy creation
  • Graphics and visual designing
  • Adding additional features and CTAs
  • Testing and implementation
  • Bid fixing
  • Automating ads by setting every aspect
  • Running multiple ads
  • Tracking and reading results
  • Customizing ads consistently
  • Remarketing ads on various platforms
  • Complete account management

We combine media, technology and creativity to deliver better results. By organizing your keywords and setting up PPC landing pages, we bring you visits worth way more than the cost. We don’t just work in the dark. Our smart moves are backed by strategy, creativity and the aim to gain serious results. We get you customers, not traffic! Our team are experts at integrating performance marketing into a digital marketing strategy. Although we have a team that works exclusively on performance marketing services in Mumbai, we always strive to integrate our activities where possible. We also work closely with other teams to ensure that the full campaign is working hard to deliver the best possible results.

Doesn’t it feel amazing to work with a performance marketing company in Mumbai that considers your brand as their own and goes an extra mile every time to surprise you with mind-blowing results? Insomniacs is here to give you that feeling, and give you that feeling multiple times.

Ready to give your brand a boost? Let us take care of all your performance marketing needs from here.