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Why do you think there is at least one new social media marketing company in Mumbai every day? That’s because more and more people are exploring the many benefits social media channels have to offer and are getting ready to help brands in various ways. And more and more brands are realizing how essential social media marketing can get for their business, which is also increasing the demand for trustworthy agencies.

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Social media marketing is never-missable, why?

Because it lets you...

  1. Create brand awareness, identity and recognition
  2. Engage with your audience in the most personalized way
  3. Connect with your audience using social listening in countless ways
  4. Gain marketplace insights and understand what your audience is thinking
  5. Provide better customer satisfaction and assistance
  6. Establish brand authority and increase brand loyalty
  7. Tell your brand’s story in numerous creative ways
  8. Remarket to leads and complete their purchasing cycle
  9. And so, so much more

But all these are possible ONLY when you hire a social media marketing company in Mumbai that has pros for every component of social media marketing. It is very cinchy for companies to claim that they are excellent at social media marketing. But not everybody’s capable of thinking smartly, creating impeccable content, communicating rightly and delivering the results you expect. Only real pros, the experienced chaps, the action-packed team of go-getters can do all of this. And Insomniacs is just that, Insomniacs is all about stupefying social media marketing.

Insomniacs, a creative and logical social media marketing company in Mumbai, provides literally any and every social media-related opportunity you can think of.

Everything social media marketing for your brand

Social Media Strategy Creation

We help you brainstorm and create weekly, monthly and quarterly social media strategies for all channels that align with all the goals you wish to achieve.

Content Calendar Planning

We can help you plan your time-based themes, posts and ads with messages based on your end goal and trending topics well in advance to understand how your social presence will look.

Social Media Advertising

Social media channels can be excellent platforms to promote posts and run clickable ads to meet practically any kind of business goal you may wish to hit.


Backed by the social media strategy and content calendar, we create creative and compelling copies to complement the design and message to be communicated.

Visual Designing

Whether it’s static images, GIFs, videos, infographics, slides or any other form, our create masterpiece-creators will create jaw-dropping designs every time, for every post or ad.

Social Media Communication

If you want us to take over responding to queries, DMs and tweets on behalf of your business and be your brand’s spokesperson, we’ll do that too.

Social Media Reputation

People turn to social media reputation before choosing a brand. We know just-the-right tactics to create a balanced image across all channels and handle even the most absurd comments.

Competitors Analysis

We’ll be your analytical eyes and keep tracking competitors for their campaigns, themes, communication, KPI metrics and everything else to stay at par and in the competition.

It’s time to leverage social media to its fullest to set up, sustain and scale up your brand. It’s time to work with Insomniacs. Come, let’s discuss how we can kick-start a fruitful social media marketing strategy.