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Social Media Challenges for Ecommerce Business in Coronavirus Crisis

Posted on 27 April, 2021

During the lockdown period, e-commerce websites had to face a different difficulty. Due to lockdown, people flocked over the internet to find items they require to fulfill their daily necessities. This sudden surge of people on the website had become a logistical nightmare for e-commerce companies that were already working on reduced staff. Not wanting to have a bad reputation in the industry, this e-commerce based in Mumbai is using social media marketing agencies in Mumbai to better communicate with the consumers. Social media has solved the logistical nightmare that their consumers had once become.

Social Media Challenges for Ecommerce Business in Coronavirus Crisis

The e-commerce websites have been facing a steady decline in their click-through rates which may necessarily not be a bad thing. E-commerce during this lockdown has been seeing sales in spikes. The traditional supply chain isn’t able to keep up with these spikes for products. This has created a problem for e-commerce websites. The people are scared to step out of their houses to visit conventional stores and even if they visit the conventional stores they are out of stock for essential items. People are willing to wait a couple of days for their essential items rather than stepping out of the house.

According to studies the e-commerce websites have reduced spending on advertisements during this pandemic to help their supply chain function under stress. Even though the third-party sellers are helping the e-commerce giants by supplying bulk orders and the e-commerce websites are stockpiling the essential items, the move to spend less on the advertisement is to reduce people coming to the site to buy their essential items. People are panic buying in these times of stress and the e-commerce giants are failing to keep up with the surge in orders due to this. Hence they are cutting back on advertisements for their platform.

Social media marketing agency in Mumbai suggest that e-commerce websites should refrain from using set and forget advertisement campaigns on social media and the internet. If the e-commerce website doesn’t follow social media marketing agencies in Mumbai’s warning chances are their business would buckle. So much can happen within hours, not even days but hours during these times of stress. Chances are you are going to run out of stock or go for prices that are not competitive that would covert the leads into sales. Social media marketing agency in Mumbai suggests that you use sentimental content and marketing during this lockdown phase.

The online space has become a place of negativity. In the light of the COVID-19 pandemic, the online content that is being made and published has become negative. If you noticed the negativity on social media you are not alone. Studies have shown a rise in negative content on social media, and during these hard times feeding your mind with negativity is the last thing anyone wants to do. People are stuck at home and fear for their lives with nowhere to run. Social media marketing agencies in Mumbai suggest businesses make more content with a positive take on the situation and create content that is more positive to help people in these times of stress. For example, instead of saying the world is experiencing apocalypse you could give the people facts about the situation and give them hope that we will overcome this like every other pandemic that falls on humans every 100 years (I know it’s weird but this is a fact look it up). People remember who had comforted them during their times of stress and would stick around and support you as well during these times.

As long as e-commerce monitors all channels on social media marketing agencies in Mumbai could help them stay away from the challenges they are facing during this pandemic.

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