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Located in Bhavnagar, the Iscon Club & Resort is the ultimate lifestyle destination that welcomes the elite to spend quality time with friends and family along with building new social circles. One of the prominent features of the Club are the events that it hosts on a monthly basis including festival celebrations, fashion shows, concerts and star-studded nights. Hence, the Club has its doors open exclusively for premium members.


The ISCON Club had a website of its own that it had constructed during the start of the initiative. However, it barely maintained a presence over social networking platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

Due to the minimal presence over social media platforms, the brand had no digital assets to utilize; including Hashtags, creative content and so on.

With a very limited means of promoting the membership offer for the Club, the brand wasn’t able to generate enough sales of their membership offers over digital platforms.

They were unable to reach out to new potential customers and were incapable of generating any leads for the website. Thus, there was hardly any increase in the number of members under the brand’s banner.


We came up with a social media campaign called #MuchBetterDeal where we promoted our membership offers at a price that the audience wouldn’t be able to resist.

The ISCON Club exists among many other competitors who offer similar amenities as the brand does. Hence, we started #ExperienceClubLifestyle to promote the amenities that the Club had to offer through an emotional aspect.

In order to increase the brand value of ISCON Club, we came up with creatives to promote the regular events hosted by the Club over social networking platforms.

From all the activities that we conducted over Facebook and Twitter, we generated leads of over 1000, 30 of them who were converted and purchased memberships with the brand.